This user guide is for the older release of the site. Most of the documentation for the current 2017 release can be found in the Auctria User Guide v3

Check-in is a key part of a live auction event.  The goal is to get bidders registered and set-up as quickly as possible.  Auctria has a Check-in page designed to optimize this workflow.

To access Check-in, click on Bidders then Check-in.

The Bidder Check-in page is focused on:

  • Quickly finding bidders to match-up (or change) their Bidder#
  • Registering new bidders
  • Registering credit cards to bidders
  • Marking bidders as checked in

There are two approaches to Check-in, depending on whether you have bidders in the system beforehand or not.

  1. if most bidders are created prior to Check-in, then optimally you will want to:
    1. Quickly find the Bidder# assigned to the bidder
    2. Update the bidder's contact details if necessary
    3. Register a credit card to the bidder
    4. Mark the bidder as checked in
    5. Add walk-in bidders quickly if necessary

  2. If you do not have bidders created prior to Check-in, you will want to:
    1. Register bidders as they arrive, optionally including registering a credit card to them at that time.


The report shown on the bidder Check-in page can be customized to show the bidder fields you are interested in during Check-in.  For example, you may want to show and edit the bidder's table assignment directly in the list view.

You can customize the list by clicking on the Customize button.  Any changes you make will be saved as the default view for this auction.

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