This user guide is for the older release of the site. Most of the documentation for the current 2017 release can be found in the Auctria User Guide v3

Your Account

Q: When my license expires, does Auctria automatically renew and bill me?

A: No, we will not rebill you.  You will receive a notification of your upcoming expiration date and you can renew through Settings->Organizational Settings->License.  Your data will also remain intact if you do not renew immediately.  Your license will simply be deferred to a Lite version.

Q: Are there any other charges besides the license fee for using Auctria?

A: No, the license fee covers full use of Auctria for a whole year with the limits of the plan you selected.

Q: I've received an alert than I've reached my item, bid total, or user limit. What does this mean?

A: You've likely reached the limit on something based on the license level you're currently on.  If you'd like to extend your limits you can upgrade at any time through Settings->Organization Settings->License.  Learn more about our plans at  license pricing.

Q: What are the limitations on a Lite account?

 A: You are limited to 30 items, 1 user, 1 auction per-year, and $2,750 in winning bids.  You can see limitations of the other plans here.

Q: If I find myself going over a limit on my license, will you automatically upgrade and bill me?

A: No, if you think you will go over your license limitations, then you can upgrade it at any time before, during, or after your auction.  We won't shut-down your account for going over, but you will receive notifications of exceeding your limit.

Q: I'm the new organizer/host of the auction, but the previous person hasn't given me access yet.  How do I gain access to the account?

A: A current User/Administrator of the organization can add you as a user.  For security reasons, Auctria Tech Support can't add you.  Learn more about Adding Users.

Your Event

Q: Does Auctria provide any hardware or staffing for our event?

A: No, we only provide the tool to streamline and host the auction.

Q: Is it possible to run online bidding simultaneously with the auction event?

A: Yes, you can even set up computers and tablets for bidders to bid on online items.   Learn more about Kiosk Mode.

Q: Can we sell things like tickets for a fixed price through Auctria?

A: Yes, you can set items as For Sale to be purchased online.  It's even possible to make bidders purchase a ticket upon registration.   Learn more about selling tickets.

Q: Can we use credit card readers at checkout and check-in, to swipe and process credit cards?

A: Yes, we recommend a couple of models for use that we know work.  We can't guarantee that other models will work due to the varying nature of compatibility.  Learn more about card readers.

Q: What happens when the auction ends, do we have to click an 'end' button?

 A: An auction ends simply when you stop taking bids, so there isn't an official 'end now' button.  Additionally, users sometimes find that they want to reopen unsold online items for bidding after the event is over.

Q: Does my event location need an internet connection to use Auctria?

 A: Not necessarily.  An offline downloadable version of the site is available with the Silver, Gold and Platinum versions.  Using the offline mode is also recommended for locations that have connection difficulties.  Learn more about the offline version.

Data and Forms

Q: I want to use some bidder and donor information from last year's auction, can I copy data over?

A: Yes, you can copy items, bidders and donors between auctions.  Learn more about copying data between auctions.

Q: How do I insert a custom header/footer or graphic onto my forms?

A: You can do this by using stationery.  Learn more about using stationery.

Q: Why isn't my stationery in the right place? Why is my form text overlapping my stationery?

A: If the stationery is out of place, this is usually an issue of the page size of the stationery PDF not matching the form. If the page size does match, try recreating the stationery and moving the graphic to the desired location before saving it as a PDF again.  If your text is overlapping your stationery try adjusting the stationery margins in the stationery settings section.  Learn more about stationery settings.

Q: Can I send a custom e-mail to all the bidders and/or donors through Auctria?

A: There isn't a feature within Auctria to send out customized emails.  However, you can export the bidder or donor lists as XLS, copy the column with the addresses, and then paste them into the "bcc" section of an email and email your contacts that way.  Learn more about exporting lists and data.

Online Bidding and Registration

Q: Why can't bidders register their credit cards?

A: Check to make sure that your credit card processing is in Live mode, and not Test mode.  This prevents bidders from registering real credit card numbers.  You also need to have a Stripe account linked to your organization to be able to charge those credit cards at checkout.   Learn more about credit cards.

Q: Can I set a hidden reserve price on items?

A: No, we don't support this feature at the moment.

Q: What is proxy bidding?

 A: Proxy bidding is a feature available for online items only and allows the system to manage a bidder's bid to ensure that they remain the high bidder for as long as possible, but keep their actual bid as low as possible to remain the winner.  Learn more about proxy bidding.

Q: Why can't I enable proxy-bidding for pre-bidding on silent items?

A: This would cause conflicts between the pre-bidding highest bid and the in-person silent bidding.  If the pre-bidding winner's proxy bid was higher than the winning bid, it wouldn't be reflected on the bid sheets.

Q: I've set my online bidding times correctly but my items still can't be bid on. What's wrong?

A: This could be an issue with the item types. Be mindful that 'silent' items do not have online bidding but pre-bidding status instead.  Learn more about pre-bidding vs online bidding.

Credit Cards and Stripe

Q: Is Stripe the only way of charging credit cards through Auctria?

A: Yes, it's the only integrated credit card processor at the moment.  Others can be used but they won't charge through your auction directly.  Learn more about integrating with Stripe.com.

Q: I'm trying to pay for a license via credit card but it says my address is wrong. What do I do?

A: Leave the address field blank and retry the payment. With some credit cards this method will work fine.   If it still is not processing, please contact support at help@auctria.com