Making Bulk Changes

This user guide is for the older release of the site. Most of the documentation for the current 2017 release can be found in the Auctria User Guide v3

Bulk Deletes

You can delete multiple items, bidders, or donors all at once by going to the relevant list page and selecting the rows you want to delete and by clicking on that row.

Click on the Delete button to delete the rows you choose.

You will be prompted for confirmation. Click Yes to confirm the records deletion.

Making Bulk Edits

You can modify multiple records at once using the Modify Records section.

Select the field you want to modify. It must be one that is visible on the report.

Depending on the type of field, you will be able to set the value either by typing it in or selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Click on the Modify Records button to change the data.

You will again be asked for confirmation.  Click the blue Continue button.

Selecting all the Rows

To select all the rows shown on the screen click on the checkbox in the header row.  Click it again to clear the selection.

Showing More Rows

By default only the first 25 rows of a report are shown.  If you want to change more rows, you can increase this using the drop-down menu in the page counter bar at the bottom of the grid.