Starting a New Year

This user guide is for the older release of the site. Most of the documentation for the current 2017 release can be found in the Auctria User Guide v3

When you sign in to start work on your next auction, you will still see the auction summary from the previous event.

The first step to create a new auction is described below.

Creating an Auction

Click on Settings, then All Auctions to see a list of the auctions you currently have.

Click on the blue New Auction button to create a new event.   You will be prompted for an auction name and date.  If you are planning an online event that doesn't have a specific date, you can just enter the approximate start date of the auction.  This date is just informational and helps the system decide which auction to show you automatically when you sign in.

Once you have added your auction, you can see it in the auction list by clicking on Settings then All Auctions.

To work on a specific auction, double click on the row in the list or single click on it and click on View Record below.

Sharing Between Auctions


Donor information is stored per organization, not per auction.  Therefore, you will automatically have access to all existing donors in the new event.  When you are adding an item and start to type in a donor's name the system will provide auto-completion choices from your list of donors.

Active & Inactive Donors

If you click on Donors, then Donor Lists in a new auction then the resulting donor list will appear empty.

This is because the default is to show just active donors in the current auction.  The system will automatically mark a donor as active or inactive based on whether or not they have provided any donor donations to the current auction.  You do not have to do anything to move a donor from inactive to active, just record an item with them as the donor.

You can see all donors by clicking on the Status drop-down menu and selecting the All option.


Items are stored per auction, but you can copy Items between events.  Copying an item will copy all its details, including the donor and image, but not its bid history.


Bidders are stored per auction, but you can copy them in the same way you can items, see copy items between auctions for more details.  Copying a bidder's information, will copy all its details, including the address, and contact information but not their bid or payment history.

If bidders have registered credit card information in another other event this will be copied over as well.

Reusing Bidders Between Events

If you register bidders at the door and have many returning bidders from a previous event, then the following technique can help reduce the check-in time.

  1. Copy all the bidders from the old event to your new event (before registering any new bidders).
  2. Click on Bidders then Renumber Bidders and renumber all bidders from a high starting point, such as 10,000.  This will let you instantly identify just copied bidder records.
  3. When bidders check-in use the search button on the check-in page to enter a portion of their name and quickly see if they are already listed in the system.  If so, then just edit the bidder number directly in the list to assign this year's correct number.  If not, then register them as a new bidder.