Working with Images

This user guide is for the older release of the site. Most of the documentation for the current 2017 release can be found in the Auctria User Guide v3

Placeholder Images

Anywhere an image can be used, but one has not yet been provided, a No image available graphics placeholder, such as the one below.

Adding an Image

To add an image, click on the Add Image button under the placeholder.

You can provide an image in two ways:

  1. Uploading an image file from your computer
  2. Providing the address (URL) of an image already available on the web

Uploading an Image

To start uploading an image from your computer, click on the the Choose File button.  The exact appearance of this button will depend on the type of computer you are using.

Select the image file using the dialog box that pops up.  Again the details will depend on the type of computer you are using, the image shown above is for a Mac.

After choosing the image, the image will be uploaded and the dialog will automatically close when it is complete.

Your new image will be shown instead of the No image available graphics placeholder.

You can choose multiple files as part of the upload process.

Using an Image from the Web

Images and logos are available on the web and can be imported directly into the application by providing the image URL address and upload it into the dialog box.

Getting an Image's Address

Getting the URL address of an image may depend on the web browser you are using.  But typically, you can browse a page that has the image you want and then right click on it to copy it.  The menu that appears should have an entry like Copy Image URL or Get Image Address.  Clicking on this item will copy the image's address to your clipboard.

Paste the image address into the upload form and click on the Upload button.

Multiple Images

You can upload multiple images for items and donors, using the Add Image button.  Each image is shown as a thumbnail below the main image.

Default Image

One item or donor image for is considered the Default image.  This is the one shown on printed forms (for example bid sheets or display pages) where only one image is shown.

To make a different image the default, click on the Make default button next to its thumbnail.

Removing an Image

To remove an image you have uploaded, click on the Remove button next to its thumbnail.

Editing an Image

There is support for web-based image editor, to crop, resize, rotate, and enhance images.

To start the editor on an image click on the Photo Editor button next to its thumbnail.

When you have finished editing the image click on the blue Save button.  Please note that it can take several seconds for the image to be processed and uploaded.