Check Out Details

The checkout process is done in two steps

  1. Select the bidders and the amounts to include in the transaction.
    You can
    - check out one or multiple bidders in the same checkout transaction
    - enter partial payments 
  2. Enter Payment information.
    You can
    - record payment made by check, cash or outside credit card processing
    - process credit card payments if you are set up with 

Select Bidders

From the Checkout page, select the first bidder whose charges you want to include on the transaction.

The charges, payments, and balance owing for that bidder are listed.

Partial Payments

By default, the whole balance owing will be included for the payment. If you want to process a partial payment, click in the amount under THIS PAYMENT and enter the partial amount.

Additional bidders

To add another bidder's charges to the checkout transaction, select the next bidder.

The total will include all selected bidders' payments. 

Bidder options

Use the Options shortcut to

  • view details about a bidder's activity
  • record an additional donation
  • remove that bidder from this checkout transaction

Click the 3 dots at the end of the row for the selected bidder, and then select an option.

View Details

Record an additional donation

Continue to add bidders and enter partial payments until you have the correct total for the transaction.

Enter Payment

Credit Card Payments

You  must be set up with a account to process credit card payments. You can choose to charge credit card fees to the bidder.

There are 3 methods you can use to process credit card payments:

  • enter the credit card information manually
  • swipe the credit card through a connected card reader
  • use the credit card that is registered for the bidder

Charge fees to the bidder

This option only applies to organizations that set the event fee processing mode to normal.

If your event fee processing mode is set to surcharge, then the feed will automatically be included and shown.


Under payment Method, select CREDIT CARD.

Note the fees listed below the totals.

To charge the fees to the bidder, click the Add in credit card fees box.


The fees you added will be listed with the other charges and included in the total.

Credit Card Method 1: Enter credit card information manually

Under payment Method, select CREDIT CARD.

Enter the card number, CCV number, and Expiration.

Enter any notes needed.

Credit Card Method 2: Swipe the credit card through a connected reader


Click Swipe Card.

A pop-up window will prompt you to swipe the card.

CCV code

When using a credit card reader, only the credit card number and expiration date are read.  The CCV security code, found on the back of most credit cards, is not present on the magnetic strip, so it is not available by swiping the card.

Type the CCV security code in manually.

Credit Card Method 3: Use a Registered Card

If the bidder has a credit card registered, the registered card option will appear.


Enter any notes needed.

Make Payment

After using one of the 3 credit card methods, to process the payment click Make Payment.



A Payment recorded successfully message will appear at the top of the screen for a few seconds.

Check or Other Payment Methods

To record payments processed outside of Auctria, such as cash or check, or run through an external credit card processing terminal, select OTHER.

Click  the arrow at the end of the Paid by field, and then select a payment option.

See Checkout Payment Options to add more payment methods.

Enter notes if necessary.

Make Payment

After selecting an "other" payment method, to record the payment in Auctria, click Make Payment.



Payment recorded successfully message will appear at the top of the screen for a few seconds.

Check the Balance

The payment you just recorded will be shown at the bottom of the checkout page.

If you entered payment for the full amount, the balance shown at the top of the page will be zero. If you entered a partial payment you can follow the same process to enter another payment to clear the balance using another credit card or other payment method.

To see more information about the bidder's account, hover over the bidder's name.

When you are ready to check out another bidder, click Clear Page.





Clear Page

If you make a mistake and need to start over you can clear the page by clicking Clear Page (under Actions on the left).

You cannot undo a Payment after clicking Make Payment.


If you are processing many checkouts, use keyboard shortcuts to save time.