Track and Analyze Donors on Lists and Reports

To track and analyze donor information, you can use the Active Donor List and 5 Donor Reports:

  • Donors
  • Active Donors
  • Inactive Donors
  • Donor Summary
  • Donor Donations
  • Donors by Solicitor

The Active Donor List and Active Donor Report show the same information; however, you can change the Active Donor List to show Inactive or All Donors.

Lists and Reports also give you the ability to

Donor List

To access the Active Donor List, select Donors from the Main navigation, and then select All Donors from the Donor Dashboard.

The list of Active Donors will appear.

Donor Reports

To view a Donor Report, select Reports from the main navigation, and then select the title of the Report you would like to see on the DONOR tab.

The selected Report will appear.

More Information

To make full use of lists and reports, see Reports