Each item is loaded individually into Auctria to be described, categorized, and priced.  You can include a photo of the auction item and the donor's logo.      

Understand Item Types are used to automatically manage functionality for different items:

  • Silent Items: solid via a paper bid sheet at your event.
  • Live Items: included in a live auction, there is no bid sheet produced.
  • Online Items: sold fully online.
  • Partial Lot Items: donated items that are not being sold on their own, but will be included as part of a basket item.
  • For Sale Items: items that you are selling for a fixed price and may have a limited quantity available for purchase (e.g. auction tickets, etc.)
  • Donation Items: projects that bidders can donate to but which they don't actually win.
  • Raffle Items: prizes for a raffle or similar event that are awarded to a bidder without a cost.

The Item functions in Auctria allow you to

  • maintain a list of available items for your auction
  • copy items from another auction
  • define categories to organize items
  • edit item pricing, description, and details 
  • renumber items
  • set sales tax amounts
  • view and analyze item reports
  • export item data

To access the Item functions, click Items.

The Item Dashboard appears.

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