Apply a Pricing Policy

Pricing auction items is not a perfect science, in fact, it can be quite tricky.  

Justify pricing by including numerous photos and lively descriptions.  The key is finding the sweet spot that will initiate interest and bid donations to bring about the maximum potential, visibility and success for your auction.  Remember, almost all auction items are donated, so any income is brought in is considered profit; fundamentally the higher the final bid the greater the philanthropy.

AUCTRIA makes the pricing process uncomplicated and orderly.  

ACTRIA provides options for pricing that are simple and flexible.  Choose either a pre-programmed pricing policy OR individually price each item.  

Using a hybrid of both methods can cut work time too.  Set the standard pricing structure and then go back and tweak the non-standard items.  

Apply a Pricing Policy

You can apply an item pricing policy to set the starting bid, bid increment and Buy-It-Now price to silent and online auction items.

Currently, the item pricing policy is applied as a one-off, meaning it is offered as a single price promotion and will only occur once.  It does not set a default policy to be used when you add new items.

You can apply the policy as many times as you like.  The recommended approach is to add your items and then apply to pricing policy towards the end when the items are mostly complete.

Any individual pricing that is changed on individual items after a pricing policy is set, will override the policy on that item.

On the Item Dashboard, under Actions, click $ Pricing Policy.

The Item Pricing page appears.

The Item Pricing page lets you Set the starting bidminimum bid percentbid increment and Buy-It-Now price as a percentage of the item's value.  The calculation used for this will attempt to round the amount to a whole number, with the amount of rounding-up, consistent as the value gets bigger.

For example, if you have an item with a value of $107 and set a starting bid of 10%, then it will be adjusted to $10, not $10.70.  The minimum amount used for any calculation is $1.

To set a particular pricing simply enter a valid % in the corresponding line.

Pricing Options


By default the system will use 'smart rounding' where the amount of rounding applied varies based on the item value.  For example, a $100 item should round to different numbers than a $10 item. However, if you want to force rounding to a given multiple then you can enter it here.

Force buy-it-now as a multiple of the bid increment

If you are setting a bid increment and a buy-it-now price then usually you would want the buy-it-now price to be a fixed number of bid increments over the starting bid.  If this checkbox is cleared then the system won't enforce this.

Overwrite the values on items that already have a value set ...

If an item has a value for a field that is being specified then normally the existing value is left along.  You can use this option to force the newly calculated value to overwrite the existing value.  If it is not set then the new value will only be applied when the existing value for that item is blank or 0.

To apply the policy to select items, use the Choose Items functionality to select the items, and then click Apply Pricing.