Install the Offline Client

To install the Offline Client you will need the following to be made accessible:

  1. Be a Windows administrator on the machine you are using (this is the usual case if it is a home machine).
  2. Know the username and password of an administrator account on Auctria for your organization.

Sign into Auctria and click Organization.

On the Organization window, click Offline Client

The Offline Client window provides more details on the Offline Client feature.  Click one of the blue Download buttons to download the latest version.

You  will be prompted to save the .exe file.

After the file has downloaded, double-click on it to run the install program.

Proceed with the steps through to Install, leaving the default options selected along the way.

Depending on which versions of the .NET framework you have installed you may get an error message on running the offline client for the first time, telling you that the UltiDev Web Server is not installed. 
If you see this error message, please rerun the offline client installer -- the problem is due to an issue detecting dependencies correctly and will be fixed by running through the installer a second time.

Wait while the program is installed.

Click Finish when done.